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https://mon-break.com/5149-paxlovid-at-walmart-77458/ Mike has a degree in Graphic Design and has been working with his photography for over 50 years. He was bitten by the bug when he received an Instamatic for Christmas at the age of about 2, well actually about 15 years old. Since that time he has had an on and off relationship with the media, but has never totally lost interest or stopped taking pictures. He has done his photographing both professionally and as a hobby. His subject matters and types of photography have covered a good part of the photography spectrum, from landscapes, flowers, nature, portraits, weddings, team pictures, photo journalism, table top and macro and probably some that are forgotten.
About five years ago Mike finally made the leap into the digital world, and wondered why he waited so long. It opened up a whole new way to work with his photography. His interests lately have been in nature, landscape, High Dynamic Range and photo composites. He feels that he is on the verge of taking his work to a new level and has been experimenting with many things, but hasn’t found that real energy click quite yet.
Mike also enjoys playing with some of the traditional art mediums, mostly the different types of pencils. So far his favorite subject matters have been Mandalas and the Celtic Knots.

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